The Editor of the Radio Times wins a ‘Toady’

120325 Toady award certificate for Ben Preston, Editor of the ‘Radio Times’

I’ve just sent the following ‘open email’ to Ben Preston, the Editor of the Radio Times.

Mr Preston, good afternoon. I should like to recommend – not for the first time – that Radio Times be re-titled Feminist Times. Over the past 11 weeks I’ve emailed on five occasions complaining about the feminist anti-male and pro-female content of your magazine, and not received a single acknowledgement. The following emails were all sent to your Letters page, the last four being copied also to your good self:

9 January: ‘Gender balance in Radio Times

18 January: ‘Oh no! Alison Graham’s banging on again about men and women… pass the aspirin, please, nurse’

8 February: ‘Whining women’

18 February: ‘Is it just me?’

2 March: ‘Alison Graham – like Harriet Harman, but without the wit’

I’ve just noticed that not only is your television editor (Alison Graham) of the female persuasion, but so too is your radio editor (Jane Anderson). Solid ‘gender balance in the workplace’ there. The first words I could see written by Jane Anderson in your current issue were in her short piece concerning the Radio 4 programme I’ve just listened to, Writing Madness. She starts, ‘Men weren’t mad in Victorian times, only women.’ Does Ms Anderson suffer from the same unfortunate feminist mindset as Ms Graham?

I see you’ve awarded your ‘Letter of the Week’ prize to a woman wittering about ‘token women’ on TV and radio panel shows. I too object to token women on panel shows, and believe women should be on these shows (and other TV and radio programmes) on the same basis as men: on merit alone. We would then have to suffer fewer women who simply don’t make the grade. Although some women do already reach the standard required, e.g. Sue Perkins.

Why are the women who are suited to panel games considerably outnumbered by the men who are? I don’t know for certain, but they clearly are outnumbered, considering the weak contributions of the majority of the token women concerned. Presumably it’s something to do with gender-typical men and women having different brains, as outlined by some eminent psychologists in their books, e.g. Prof Louann Brizendine’s The Female Brain, Prof Susan Pinker’s The Sexual Paradox, Prof Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate and Prof Simon Baron-Cohen’s The Essential Difference. But then Ms Graham – and possibly Ms Anderson – being feminists, probably wouldn’t believe in gender-typical men’s and women’s brains being different. No, Jack and Jill are the same. Except when Jill’s better, obviously. More book recommendations for Ms Graham, Ms Anderson and yourself: Esther Vilar’s The Manipulated Man, Swayne O’Pie’s Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism, Steve Moxon’s The Woman Racket, and, of course, David and Goliatha: David Cameron – heir to Harman?, The Glass Ceiling Delusion, and Feminism: the ugly truth.

One final thing. For editing a relentlessly pro-feminist publication, The Anti-Feminism League herewith presents you with a ‘Toady’ award (certificate attached). ‘Toadies’ are awarded to influential men who surrender to militant feminist thinking and initiatives. You’re in good company. David Cameron won the coveted ‘Toady of the Year (2012)’ award recently.

Have a nice day.

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a British anti-feminist men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My key websites are LPS Publishing, Campaign for Merit in Business, Laughing at Feminists E, T 07967 026163 (UK).
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2 Responses to The Editor of the Radio Times wins a ‘Toady’

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  2. mananon says:

    I’m glad someone else has noticed this depressing trend in the RT, and I couldn’t agree more with your article. The Radio Times is becoming less like a television listings mgazine and more like a Women’s newspaper supplement – perhaps they have a secret deal with the Guardian…

    To be fair to Alison Graham she has written articles bemoaning the negative portrayals of men, but latterly there has been a preponderance of feminist articles from her, which are rarely (in fact never) challenged or contradicted by an alternative pioint of view.

    Oh, and just to finish off, I remember the days when the Main Editor, Television Editor and Radio Editor of the RT were ALL women, and as an observation the big increase in feminist articles seemed to coincide with the current Editor’s appointment. Perhaps he feels a chivalric duty to appeal to his female readers – if so his “Toady” award is well deserved!

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