The Rt Hon Lynne Featherstone MP wins a Harpy

The pursuit by the Conservative-led coalition of the militant feminist agenda of the preceding execrable Labour administration (1997-2010) shows no sign of abating. In some areas the coalition is going even further than the Labour administration, for example with David Cameron’s continued threat of quotas for women in boardrooms if companies don’t appoint more women ‘voluntarily’. Er, how is this ‘voluntary’? He hasn’t earned the nickname of ‘Dave the Feminist’ for nothing.

Further down the food chain we find the feminista Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone, who’s just been presented with a Harpy by The Anti-Feminism League:

120412 Harpy certificate awarded to Lynne Featherstone REVISED

The following extracts from Ms Featherstone’s Wikipedia entry should suffice to explain why she merits the award:

In April 2006 one of Featherstone’s researchers received a hoax email warning about an apparent date rape drug called Progesterex. Featherstone submitted a question to a government minister inquiring ‘what assessment he has made of the use of P in cases of date rape’. Paul Goggins replied in the House of Commons that Progesterex did not exist: ‘It has been the subject of a hoax e-mail. The hoax first originated in 1999’. Featherstone criticised the minister’s response, stating ‘they need to do more to discover the unearthly monster who sends them out’ and that ‘their cavalier attitude will not do’. However, critics such as fellow Liberal Democrat James Graham castigated Featherstone’s conduct in ‘criticising the Home Office for not having a response to made-up drugs and made-up crimes’, stating ‘trivialising rape in this way without bothering to do basic research first doesn’t help anybody’.

In April 2007, Featherstone was forced to return large quantities of stationery after her office ordered £22,000 worth in the previous month in an attempt to beat new rules on stationery allowances. Featherstone blamed a staff member for the incident, stating she ‘knew nothing’. In a leaked email, Parliamentary official Cliff Harris reportedly stated ‘it’s quite alarming when you see that Lynne Featherstone spent over £22,000 in one month, the equivalent to three years of the new capped rate’. Featherstone subsequently said she would be putting in place better office procedures.

She has indicated she would attempt to ban topless models from appearing on The Sun newspaper’s Page Three, stating ‘I would love to take on Page 3’…

In September 2011 Featherstone caused controversy by claiming men make ‘terrible decisions’ when they are in charge. Speaking at the Liberal Democrat conference Featherstone blamed men for the mess the world was in, and commentators drew parallels with similar comments by one of Featherstone’s predecessors, Harriet Harman. Her comments attracted criticism from across the political spectrum and were considered particularly inappropriate given her role as a minister in charge of ending sexism. Conservative MP Priti Patel said: ‘These comments are really ill-thought out. As equalities minister she has got to be unbiased about the value that both men and women bring to decision-making’. Elizabeth Day of The Observer newspaper was equally troubled by the remarks, writing ‘the notion that women are not as aggressive as men, that we would all just sit around a table eating red velvet cupcakes and talking out the world’s problems rather than firing off phallic-shaped nuclear weapons is a complete fallacy’.

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I'm a British anti-feminist men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My key websites are LPS Publishing, Campaign for Merit in Business, Laughing at Feminists E, T 07967 026163 (UK).
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