The launch of Campaign for Merit in Business, and an open letter to the prime minister

Welcome to the blog of The Anti-Feminism League. I’m Mike Buchanan, a British writer and campaigner against militant feminism in general, and its impact on the business sector in particular. I strongly recommend books by two British writers:

Swayne O’Pie’s Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism. It’s available to order from, and in May 2012 it will be published in an ebook edition, as well as a paperback edition outside the UK, with the title Exposing Feminism: The Thirty Years’ War Against Men.

Steve Moxon’s The Woman Racket.

If you’ve been following my blog on the website of the Institute of Economic Affairs, on the issue of ‘improved’ gender diversity in the boardroom (‘GDITB’) you’ll know that since the blog was first posted – on April 24 – it’s been seen by 5,000+ people interested in economic matters and not one person has provided any evidence in support of GDITB. Even I have been astonished by the lack of engagement by the sizeable and influential pro-GDITB lobby.

On 29 April 2012 I posted on the IEA blog the open letter I’d mailed to the prime minister, coinciding with the launch of the Campaign for Merit in Business. On 30 May ‘Adam’ – a ‘Correspondence Officer’ – wrote to me, stating:

I  am writing to acknowledge your recent correspondence. The Prime Minister appreciates you taking the time to write. Your correspondence has been forwarded to the relevant Government department so they may reply to you, in detail, on the matters you raise.

I believe this is known in government circles as ‘kicking tricky questions into the long grass’. On 14 June I replied to ‘Adam’, asking for the name of the individual to whom my letter had been forwarded, and which ‘relevant Government department’ he/she works for. I’ll keep this blog updated with any response that transpires.

The original letter to David Cameron:

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA

29 April 2012

Dear Mr Cameron,

Why is a Conservative-led coalition pursuing ‘improved’ gender diversity in the boardroom?

Along with many other Conservative voters – and many non-Conservative voters – I continue to despair of the coalition’s relentless pursuit of the anti-male militant feminist agendas of the preceding Labour administration. I am writing about one of those agendas, the drive for ‘improved’ gender diversity in the boardroom (henceforth ‘GDITB’). Given that you saw fit to appoint a Labour peer – Lord Davies of Abersoch – to review GDITB, we shouldn’t be surprised by your pushing a feminist agenda onto the private sector, the only wealth-creating sector in the country. You’re pushing this agenda through your continuing threat of quotas if businesses don’t ‘voluntarily’ increase GDITB, knowing that the threat alone forces businesses to appoint more token women without the required experience and expertise. But quotas for any group are an assault on the principle of meritocracy, and Conservative voters in particular find them both condescending and offensive.

You frequently make the assertion of a positive causal link between more women on boards and improved business performance. Independent researchers – i.e. not feminist ideologues – know of no such positive link, indeed the only two independent studies on the matter show a negative link, as I outline in my blog and in my recent blog piece for The Institute of Economic Affairs: Since the latter blog was posted on 24 April, over 30 comments have been published. Not one is in support of GDITB, and one (female) commentator admits that the majority of senior business women oppose GDITB.

Anyone who reads Swayne O’Pie’s Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism or Steve Moxon’s The Woman Racket or my own book The Glass Ceiling Delusion will understand why only a small minority of board directors are female. Many of the explanations relate to the differences between men’s and women’s freely made choices. The campaign for GDITB implies that harming the performance of the business sector is a price worth paying for extending yet more special treatment to women. Given that GDITB will reduce shareholder returns and government’s corporation tax receipts, a reasoned debate is long overdue.

I would ask you or your advisers to provide evidence of the asserted positive causal link between GDITB and corporate performance by Friday 11 May, possibly by means of a comment on the IEA blog. In the meantime I am copying this letter to numerous other proponents of GDITB (attached), the vast majority of whom I’ve already contacted, and who between them have provided not a shred of evidence for the positive link they so confidently and frequently assert. I shall be asking them again for that evidence.

If you’re unable to provide the evidence requested, you’ll effectively be admitting that you have no evidence to support your policy of increasing the number of women on corporate boards. I would then ask you to issue a statement withdrawing your threat of quotas for more women on the boards of British businesses, and for an assurance that the government will cease bullying British businesses into carrying out actions they judge not in the best interests of their companies and shareholders. Thank you.

I have posted a copy of this letter on both my blog and the IEA blog.

Yours etc.

Copies of this letter have been mailed or emailed to:

POLITICIANS The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, The Rt Hon Lynne Featherstone MP ORGANISATIONS CAMPAIGNING FOR ‘GENDER DIVERSITY IN THE BOARDROOM’ CBI Neil Carberry (Director for Employment and Skills) The 30 per cent club Helena Morrissey (Founder) Professional Boards Forum Elin Hurvenes (Founder and Director), Jane Scott (UK Director) Cranfield International Centre for Women Leaders Professor Susan Vinnicombe (Director), Dr Ruth Sealy (Deputy Director) The Fawcett Society Ceri Goddard (Chief Executive) Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion Denise Keating (Chief Executive), Dan Robertson (Diversity & Inclusion Director), Alan Beazley (Policy & Research Specialist) NON-BRITISH CAMPAIGNING ORGANISATIONS Catalyst Ilene H Lang (President & Chief Executive Officer), Nancy H Carter, Michael Chamberlain, Jan Combopiano, Jennifer Daniel-Davidson, Deborah Gillis, Katherne Giscombe, Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden, Meryle Mahrer Kaplan, Susan Nierenberg, Anabel Pérez, Jeanine Prime, Emma Sabin, Deborah M Soon, Brande Stellings


About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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