Men’s Hour – an endorsement from a radical feminist

Some of you will be aware of the BBC radio programme Men’s Hour. I recently emailed the presenter, a mid-30s former documentary maker, Tim Samuels, offering to appear on the show and talk about the scourge of feminism in the modern era. I haven’t heard back, and after reading an article by the veteran radical feminist broadcaster Jenni Murray in the new issue of Feminist Times – sorry, Radio Times – I don’t expect to hear back from him. The article is accompanied by a photograph of Ms Murray on a flight of steps, looking condescendingly down on Tim Samuels. In the article she refers to him as a ‘committed metrosexual’. Three paragraphs from near the end of the piece:

It’s apparent from our conversation that Men’s Hour, now in its third series, is gaining in confidence and sure-footedness. Some of the kookier ideas have gone. There is no hint of the much-vaunted idea of asking women to apologise for the more extreme aspects of feminism of the ‘all men are rapists’ variety.

[The next paragraph is a statement by Tim Samuels.]

“Modern blokes are shaped by feminism. We are better at communicating. We have no rage in our bellies against women. We intuitively champion equal rights and oppose discrimination. What I want to do next is delve into the darker recesses of men’s minds and ask, for example, if you’re committed to a relationship, what do you do if you don’t fancy your partner any more?”…

So, I wish all good luck to the most eligible bachelor in town. And to his programme. I’ve always said that when men start asking how they will juggle their jobs and their families we’ll have begun to draft the peace treaty that ends the sex war. Tim Samuels is on the right track.

‘Draft the peace treaty’? Declare an abject surrender to radical feminists, she means.

‘Tim Samuels is on the right track’? Men’s Hour is very clearly on the WRONG track. But what else would we expect from the ultra-Leftie BBC? A male feminist is presenting Men’s Hour and has the endorsement of a radical feminist writing in the unfailingly feminist Radio Times.

What dark days we live in.

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a British anti-feminist men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My key websites are LPS Publishing, Campaign for Merit in Business, Laughing at Feminists E, T 07967 026163 (UK).
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6 Responses to Men’s Hour – an endorsement from a radical feminist

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  6. mananon says:

    I used to listen to “Men’s Hour”, but got sick of the simpering, apologetic excuse of a program. I wanted to hear serious debate about the issues that affect modern men – domestic violence, fathers’ rights, employment discrimination, media misandry and sexism in education against boys. What did we get? Thought for the Gay, and other such nonsense. Judging from what I’ve been told (and this latest article) little has changed in the latest series.

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