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More nonsense from Vince Cable, Business Secretary

The DBIS this morning issued an interesting press release, concerning a letter sent to the seven remaining FTSE100 companies with all-male boards: What makes it interesting is that Campaign for Merit in Business has evidently succeeded in stopping even Vince Cable … Continue reading

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An appearance on the BBC television show ‘Daily Politics’

Yesterday I debated the topic of ‘women in the boardroom’ on the Daily Politics show. In the studio debating with me was Heather Rabbatts. The piece starts with three pieces ‘to camera’ from three women. The first two are the usual … Continue reading

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Kate Winslet to play Erin Pizzey in a film about Erin’s life

Some great news. A film is to be made about the life of Erin Pizzey, and Kate Winslet is to star in it:

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Where have all the good men gone?

‘Where have all the good men gone?’ It’s a question voiced not only by Bonnie Tyler in Holding Out for a Hero (1984) but also by an increasing number of women in the modern era. Women who ‘hold out for … Continue reading

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Creepy guys

There’s an ever-growing number of excellent female writers and commentators on gender politics, showing sympathy for men’s life experiences and perspectives, often allied with an aversion to militant feminist arguments. Perhaps the best-known is an outstanding Canadian, Girl Writes What?, but more are … Continue reading

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Forthcoming TV appearance (post revised 25.1.13)

I’ll be debating issues surrounding quotas for women in boardrooms with Heather Rabbatts (link below) on the BBC2 show Daily Politics next Monday (28 January), possibly sometime between 12.00 and 12.30. [Following material added 25.1.13] Last November I gave evidence … Continue reading

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Canadian teacher Nicole Ryan hires hitman to kill ex-husband. Supreme Court sets her free…

A powerful piece just posted on ‘A Voice for Men’: Can you imagine if a man hired a hitman to kill his spouse, he’d be at liberty after his trial? Nor me. Such double standards are to be seen everywhere. It’s one … Continue reading

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