Can you translate Spanish into English?

I know from the statistics relating to my blogs that they’re viewed by people all around the world. Only this morning I had a very encouraging email from an Italian actor expressing his strong support. A supporter has just let me know that a Spanish website has given some exposure to what we’re doing. Unfortunately I can’t understand more than a few words of Spanish, so if you’re able and willing to translate the piece, could you please email me on to let me know? Thanks.

The URL of the website in question is the following:

A PDF of the content, in Spanish:

130115 Article in Spanish, to be translated into English

The following is a Google auto-translation, from which you will derive the gist of the piece, and possibly the odd laugh, as I did:

In decay, feminism shown tireless in the search for solutions to their relentless fairly decent collapse. Some proposals recover old battle lines already in his time completely ridiculous, like those now raised the mop sobaquil as opposition front to the prevailing phallocracy. Other debates have much greater significance, as the now increasingly challenged intimate relationship between feminism hembrista, and the right course and the almost certain obligation of women to live to crush their unborn children before being absorbed by the horns a vacuum industrial. But what was not expected was the bland international hembrista betrayal of one of his best-known figures, so far left more entrenched in the British Labour left.

Mike Buchanan, a former consultant for 55 years, is creating a party whose ideology is based on the defense of human rights, that is, half of humanity that must access the boards of companies based prepared, plotting and even betray, but not after a sexed to see what lies between these two hairy legs, which, judging by the pro-villus hembrista campaign, it can be anything.

Buchanan questioned the alleged reasons for the boards of companies should now receive a mandatory quota of more miembras so hidden between his legs so that stored inside the head. The activist of the “rights of man” criticizes how “our political elite live outside of reality with her feminism sponsored by the state.”

For masculinist party promoter, feminism is at the basis of poverty and inequality in Britain today. “Suicides among men are 3.7 times more frequent [than women]. More than 60 percent of staff are women […]. Expenditure in diagnosing specific cancers for men is small compared to the specific employee in women. ” (Also in Spain sucidios male rate is disproportionate to those committed by women, no less than 78 percent of the total).

Mike Buchanan has accused the Conservatives of bending to the goals of radical feminism hatred. Incidentally, the surrender of the feminist political conservatism and even more brutal hembrista language occurs not only in Britain, but even more radically in Spain where campaigns against domestic abuse are focused exclusively “to the women “and under the inevitable mark of the” gender violence “in both regional areas and in Castilla-La Mancha, for example, as in the state of Women’s Institute.

Despite the leftist roots of feminism, has been precisely the working class that has suffered more as “militant feminism has also attacked the family,” said Buchanan. And the destruction of the family is precisely starring some of the most spectacular old regrets fem-ism activists inflexible more recalcitrant.

These falls from horses, of which there have been several very high-profile, one of the most striking was the starring Erin Pizzey, a global pioneer in the fight against domestic abuse to women, who nearly three years ago ended in sentencing BBC that “the traditional family functions” and that “the site of a woman is at home in the care of children” (ND), statements that endeared hembrista hatred of their former colleagues and removing the name of the organization foster care that she had founded and led.

But if the shame and humiliation that Erin Pizzey said what he said in the common house of British liberals is the BBC now has been the common house which Labour has had to endure, shaking its foundations, a miembras of the ‘shadow government’ in opposition criticize now no less than in the Guardian how feminism has “destroyed” the family.

Diane Abbott has everything to be a feminist she confesses that. Not very graceful physically, color ‘diverse’ and leftist as could be. But not so much that now it does not deny that it, as he admits, defended in the eighties. Abbott is the ‘Minister of Health in the shadow’, and as such ultraprogre answered daily. And what is the relationship between health issues, feminism and the destruction of the family?

For prominent Labour, public health issues such as obesity or alcoholism often have their roots in the “breakdown of the family”. Unlike Pizzey, Abbott does support ‘other families’, and homosexuals. “However, I still believe that some form of stable family is vital and that’s what most people want,” he added.

“Some of the greatest public health problems come from the collapse of the family […]. Feminist in my condition, we may have been ambiguous on families,” continued the prominent Labour before criticizing the increasing “pornification of society “, now” very young, 10 or 11 years, can be viewed online things that could have been purchased at a kiosk for 20 years. ”

For Abbott, this is because parents and especially mothers, who now spend their days away from home, not pay attention to their children while at school, the girls face sexualizing pressure since can barely understand amid rampant consumerism of fashion brands. But the ‘minister’ of Labour was still far beyond the demolition of the liberal platitudes that she herself confessed advocate in a while.

“As a young leftist, never thought I’d see the time right in school uniform, but the fact is that one that you are under pressure to wear a particular brand of fashion,” he claimed. Abbott’s remarks have caused a considerable stir in the British press, which has been reproduced in all its rawness. Some have hailed as the progressive activist and feminist Labour’s reference “gave a good kick to her feminist sisters.”

Other columnists, however, Abbott criticized that “feminism made even dirtier word without sufficient reason”, since, according to these angry journalists, activists, the new discourse of politics is “cheap and poorly reasoned.”



About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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