A forthcoming BBC Radio 4 discussion on feminism, with Dr Catherine Hakim (updated with a link to the programme)

Update: an audio file of this discussion is now downloadable from Mike Buchanan’s YouTube page:


Next Monday, 4 March, there’s going to be a discussion on the state of feminism in Britain, on the BBC Radio 4 programme Start the Week. It will be broadcast twice that day, at 09:00 and 21:30. A lady BBC researcher contacted me and we talked at length about feminism, as did another writer and men’s human rights activist, Swayne O’Pie, author of the excellent book Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism.

On the programme will be the feminist writer and activist Natasha Walter, and Dr Catherine Hakim, a world-renowned sociologist, and the originator of Preference Theory (2000). Her research found that while four out of seven British men are ‘work-centred’, only one in seven British women are. This alone accounts for most of the ‘low’ representation of women we see in the upper reaches of major organisations, particularly in the private sector. Most of the remainder of the explanation in the private sector can be attributed to the fact that almost two-thirds of private sector workers in the UK are men. Combining these two facts would lead us to expect men to take over 90% of major corporate board positions, but the figure is currently about 85% and declining year-on-year.

Preference Theory is central to our Campaign for Merit in Business. More details on the theory below:


I also suggested to the BBC researcher that she speak to some anti-feminists of the female persuasion. She agreed to this, and later the same day I supplied her with the names of two prominent female anti-feminists who were willing to have a discussion with her. That was over a week ago, and she confirmed today she’s spoken to neither of them.

After Start the Week there’ll be a phone in on Woman’s Hour, same radio channel, from 10.00. The phone lines are open from 08:00 (035700 100444) and you’ll get through to a researcher. Explain to him (or her) why you think feminism is a curse of the modern age – a hate-driven female supremacist movement – and I hope you’re allowed to speak. Good luck!

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a British anti-feminist men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My key websites are LPS Publishing http://lpspublishing.wordpress.com, Campaign for Merit in Business http://c4mb.wordpress.com, Laughing at Feminists http://laughingatfeminists.com. E mikebuchananuk@gmail.com, T 07967 026163 (UK).
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2 Responses to A forthcoming BBC Radio 4 discussion on feminism, with Dr Catherine Hakim (updated with a link to the programme)

  1. Great Work! Which female anti feminist have you suggested. Unfortunately all the ones which I really rate don’t tend to be English. Above all GirlWritesWhat I believe is the most PR friendly of the bunch.

    • Thanks. Unfortunately I can’t reveal who they are – beyond saying both are British – but I’m confident over time more women will self-identify publicly as anti-feminists. I was disappointed that a number of the women I approached, who’ve taken anti-feminist positions (sometimes for years), weren’t prepared to say they’re anti-feminists. Mostly they wouldn’t go further than ‘non-feminist’.

      I think Girl Writes What? is a marvel. Also impressed of late by ‘JudgyBitch’ who has her own blog http://judgybitch.com and sometimes writes for ‘A Voice for Men’.

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