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New South Wales government recognises male victims of domestic violence

It’s been a good week for Australians. Gillard’s gone, and now this: Advertisements

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A short guide to feminists: how to appear less stupid

I have little doubt that feminists everywhere will feel indebted to John Hembling – ‘John the Other’ or ‘JtO’ – for his helpful guidance on how to appear less stupid, just published on the world’s most influential men’s human rights website:

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NHS funding dilemma: Enabling a 2yo boy to walk, or enlarging a 22yo aspiring glamour model’s breasts?

How does the NHS treat males and females, given a choice? Here’s how:

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GirlWritesWhat: Were women historically oppressed? Are women now, in developing countries?

Yet another outstanding video from GWW: In the course of the piece, GWW refers to a young British Muslim woman, Zara Faris. We put up a post about this admirable woman some months ago:

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We’ve reached our first fundraising campaign target of £1,000. Thank you.

An existing donor has just contributed £40 towards our campaign to fund a third candidate in 2015, which means we’ve reached our target of £1,000. I should like to thank both him and all the other donors for helping us reach the target in … Continue reading

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Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson

My thanks to a lady journalist for pointing me towards an outstanding article by one of the best journalists at the Daily Mail, Carol Sarler:

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Gillard’s gone

Some good news for Australians in general, and Australian men in particular:

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