We repeat our public challenge to Caroline Criado-Perez

From time to time we take a little time out from more important work, to publicly challenge feminists to retract misleading statements they’ve made in public. Invariably they don’t respond – feminists are utterly shameless in driving misleading narratives – but we have the occasional pleasing result, such as when the businesswoman Heather McGregor (TV’s ‘Mrs Moneypenny’), a founder member of the odious but influential ‘30% club’, retracted a misleading statement she’d made to a House of Commons select committee (she and I were on the same ‘witness panel’):


A challenge we made to Kat Banyard about a misleading statement she’d made on television, concerning the statistics on sexual harassment of schoolgirls, remains unanswered to this day. The same is true of the challenge we made to Caroline Criado-Perez concerning a misleading statement she’d made on BBC Radio, about seven weeks ago:


We invite CC-P once again to correct her misleading statement. Or does she, too, have no shame?

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a British anti-feminist men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My key websites are LPS Publishing http://lpspublishing.wordpress.com, Campaign for Merit in Business http://c4mb.wordpress.com, Laughing at Feminists http://laughingatfeminists.com. E mikebuchananuk@gmail.com, T 07967 026163 (UK).
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1 Response to We repeat our public challenge to Caroline Criado-Perez

  1. wtfwtf13 says:

    That they can lie so brazenly is a sad commentary on the state of Britain today.
    The pussification is so obvious and pathetic.

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