Two women’s reviews of Swayne O’Pie’s ‘Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism’

I’m a big fan of a book written by Swayne O’Pie, ‘The Feminists’ Nemesis’. In the UK it sells under the title Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism. It’s available outside the UK (and also in a Kindle edition) with the title Exposing Feminism: The Thirty Years’ War Against Men. The Amazon link to the book:

Every now and then I look on Amazon to see if the book has any new reviews, and so it was that I’ve just spotted two new 5-star reviews posted recently by women. The first was written by Caroline Reed:

“Excellent book exposing the less than altruistic motivations of Britain’s feminist movement. Very succinctly dispels 30 years of feminist dogma/conditioning.”

The second was written by Fiona Ventura:

“I admit that I purchased this book primarily for my husband because, for many years now, he has been lamenting the situation in this country concerning the way men are treated and portrayed, especially in the media. I never really thought too much about it (one doesn’t, really, does one ?) even though I respected his views and could see – to an extent – what he meant.

After having had three girls I had a son a few years ago and, as he has grown, I have started to see things differently. And so after my husband read this book (and I had to endure cries of “Yes !”, “At last !”, “It’s SO true !” and the like) I felt I owed it to him … and to my son … and to myself to read what all the fuss has been about.

Apparently I am “betraying my sex” by writing this review. This book is EXTRAORDINARY. The author has laid out – very clearly and in an easy-to-read format – EVERYTHING one could ever want to know about feminism. He uses quotes from a considerable number of other authors and academics and it is apparent that much work has gone into this publication.

Could I find myself disagreeing with what he writes ? Well, quite simply, no. I tried so very hard to remain objective and, although I imagined that my gender would interfere with this aim, I discovered that it made no difference whatsoever and I found it virtually impossible to argue – to any logical degree – with what I read, to any extent that could render the author’s points invalid. I truly don’t think it can be done.

And then, yesterday, (and what prompted me to write this review), I had a (lesbian) friend round to visit and she saw the book next to the bed. When I asked her if she wanted to borrow it she replied, “No, I would burn it.” Shocking. Upsetting and disappointing. On questioning her further she explained that she had not heard of the book, knew nothing about it and responded solely on the basis of what was written on the cover. (She hadn’t even read the more emotive back page.) And it was then that the author’s point really hit home – especially his chapter on lesbian feminism – and I realised that this is a book that NEEDED TO BE WRITTEN and, completely and utterly, NEEDS TO BE READ. In fact, and I know it could never happen (and I know that with even more certainty after reading how feminist teachings have infiltrated the very heart of our education system), this book should be required reading in every school in the country.

You see, I know now that my husband has been right all along. The pendulum has swung far too far in Britain (and elsewhere) and I despair for the future of my son (and my daughters also, but less so). Men are becoming weak, sterile and impotent and much of that is down to how the last thirty years of Ideological Feminism (and the author explains the difference between that and Equality Feminism – with which he has NO issue – very clearly) have eaten away at masculinity. We are slowly eroding what it means to be a (proper) man. “Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi sed saepe cadendo.”

And how hugely sad that is …



P.S.  Right, I KNOW that the ONLY people who will disagree with this review will be feminists and weak, brainwashed males both of which groups need to take very long, hard and honest looks inside their own souls.  You are directly and indirectly responsible for an awful lot of society’s ills.  You can insult me and click on ‘No’ as much as you want – it won’t change my views and it won’t ‘unpublish’ this book.”


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