Professor Dame Sally Davies speaks for the FBI (Feminist Bull**** Initiative)

Professor Dame Sally Davies is England’s first female chief medical officer, and she’s a living warning about the damage that can be wrought by smoking cannabis:

One of the few things keeping many women from applying for top jobs in greater numbers is the simple recognition that they’re poorly-qualified for them. The FBI (Feminist Bull**** Initiative) is based in the Fawcett Society offices in London – where else could it be based? – and the industrious ladies have been working hard on this ‘problem’. Professor Davies, who should’ve gone to Specsavers, recently unveiled the FBI’s new invention, ‘Imposter syndrome’. From the same edition of the Daily Mail:

Women are held back by ‘imposter syndrome’ while men use the ‘bull**** gene’ to succeed, according to Dame Sally.

She said women constantly questioned if they were good enough, while men found it easier to blag their way to the top positions.

Dame Sally joked that the Y-chromosome, which is only present in men, carried the ‘bull**** gene’.

She is England’s first female chief medical officer and was recently named the sixth most powerful woman in the country. She has campaigned for more women in science but said she had noticed differences between the sexes during her career.

In her radio interview, she said: ‘The imposter syndrome is particularly prevalent in women, where you wonder whether you can do it, but there’s also how you do it. I have been much entertained by many men as I have gone through my career who are great at bull*****ing and I have always thought the bull**** gene is on the Y-chromosome.’

How many more hilarious ‘jokes’ does the mad professor have up her sleeve? Can you imagine the furore that would result if the Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt, made similarly gender-insulting remarks about women? He’d surely lose his job within hours. Why are misandrous remarks by women in positions of power always deemed acceptable, even worthy of national newspaper coverage?


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