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I once had an exchange of emails with a feminist in which she maintained that women in general are as interested in politics as men, and men in general as interested in fashion as women. Incredible. Almost all the women I’ve encountered with an interest in politics have been interested in driving forward the special treatment of women, under the guise of ‘women’s issues’. Many female MPs have been clear that was their sole motivation for entering politics e.g. Harriet Harman. Male voters in Peckham and Camberwell have clearly been distracted by her violent violet eyes…

A denial of gender-typical differences drives much government policy. Over the past 30+ years the state has spent many millions of pounds encouraging women to choose engineering as a profession, with little impact. Even today, well over 90% of engineering graduates are male. Why is that deemed a problem to be addressed with the application of taxpayer’s money, when 90%+ of psychology graduates being female isn’t?

The formerly male-dominated fields to which women have been attracted in large numbers include medicine. 70% of medical students today are women, and more than 50% of GPs. Medicine has a number of features which distinguish it from engineering:

– the pay is better (GPs earn an average of £104,000 p.a.)

– the surroundings are always pleasant and warm

– plenty of social interactions, and gratitude from ‘customers’

– public sector, minimal chances of being fired on the grounds of incompetence (negligence has to be ‘gross’ to justify firing a doctor)

– opportunity to choose the hours you work

The feminisation of the NHS has proved a disaster for patients and taxpayers. Female doctors are far more likely than male doctors to quit the profession altogether, work part-time, and refuse to work at night or weekends. The government’s solution to the resulting crisis is to train more doctors, at a cost to the taxpayer of £250,000 each. It’s mainly men who’ll pick up the bill, of course. 72% of income tax collected in the UK is paid by men, and just 28% by women. British men collectively pay £64 BILLION more income tax every year than British women.

Back to the question of what women are really interested in, and how it differs from what men are interested in. In The Glass Ceiling Delusion: the real reasons more women don’t reach senior positions (2011) I revealed the results of a scientific investigation into the question. By way of a Bank Holiday gift to followers of my blogs, the chapter in question is downloadable here:

120106 what women are interested in

Here’s the first four pages of the 18 pages long quotations section in the book:

120106 quotations from TGCD

The Glass Ceiling Delusion (along with my other eight books) is available to buy from all the usual sources (Amazon etc.) but if you’d like a copy signed and/or a dedication added, just put the dedication you’d like in the box provided on the order form of my publishing website:



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