To pee or not to pee: Women sell positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist for $25 each. There’s no shortage of motivated buyers.

Recently we posted a link to an article by a British journalist who freely admitted she’d tried to become pregnant by using the contents of her two ex-husbands’ used condoms shortly after sex, without their knowledge or consent. Our thanks to a valued lady supporter for pointing us to this piece:

So manipulative women have invented NON-paternity fraud, and will doubtless profit from it, whether as sellers of ‘positive’ pregnancy tests, or as the buyers, using them to manipulate men into marrying them. Shortly after they marry, many of these women will claim they’ve had a ‘spontaneous’ abortion, and in due course engineer the breakdown of the relationship and walk away with the house and half the man’s assets. Quite a payback from paying a pregnant woman $25 to urinate on a stick and post it, isn’t it?

And of course there’ll be no proof she’s been deceitful, the evidence having been destroyed. But if the man has any sense, he’ll be suspicious, and certainly not fall for the same trick again. And so the relationships between men and women generally become a little more difficult. Do women collectively have no sense that they’re storing up a great deal of resentment in men through such deceits, and this partly explains why more men are choosing to going their own way, with every year that passes? It would seem not.

[Update 2 September 2013. On EBay’s UK website, 18 ‘positive tests’ were available, almost all from Canada:

Almost all are sold from Canada, and described as ‘jokes’ / ‘pranks’. Yeah, right…]


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