Health Secretary demands ‘urgent clarification’ of decision not to prosecute doctors who agreed to perform illegal abortions because of the babies’ sex

Of all possible grounds on which an abortion might be carried out, one of the worst is surely gender, which remains illegal in the UK. But abortions are being carried out in the UK on the grounds of gender, so surely the prosecution of doctors who authorise such abortions must be in the public interest? It would seem not. In modern-day Britain a foetus has no value, and is afforded no protection by the state:

From the article:

It is illegal for a pregnancy to be terminated on the basis of the baby’s gender, and the CPS concluded there was sufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution. But it said that the cases should be dealt with by the General Medical Council – which has no criminal powers – because it ‘would not be in the public interest’ to prosecute the doctors.


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