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‘Feminism v Facts’ – Diana Davison

The latest in a long series of outstanding pieces by Diana Davison, one of our favourite Canadian Honey Badgers (anti-feminist women): You’ll probably be astonished to learn, as I was recently, that Diana’s in her forties. Being an anti-feminist … Continue reading

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Gormless Feminists of the Month

We’ve been presenting ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ awards since April 2014. The first winners were the ladies working for the Fawcett Society, and an updated list is here.

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Campaign for Merit in Business

Campaign for Merit in Business exists to challenge the government’s policy direction of bullying companies into appointing more women to their boards, because overwhelming evidence demonstrates that corporate financial performance will decline as a result. Details on the website.

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This is what gender feminists look like

About three weeks ago we posted on our YouTube channel recent video footage of gender feminists assaulting commendably peaceful Roman Catholic men seeking to prevent their cathedral in San Juan, Argentina, from being vandalised by the women. The police did nothing to … Continue reading

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The Alternative Sexism Project

We decided it was time to run an initiative in response to Laura Bates’s Everyday Sexism Project The link to the website is here, feel free to post comments about sexist behaviours and comments used to shame and/or control and/or … Continue reading

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The Whine Club

I personally think we developed language because of our deep need to complain. Lily Tomlin This article is about some of the weapons shamelessly employed by women to manipulate and control men – shaming tactics, whining, and sexist behaviour and … Continue reading

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EU aims to ban anti-feminist speech

In the light of the following piece we’ve decided to make this blog publicly available again: However, new posts will only be published on the websites of our associated organisations: – our political party Justice for men & boys … Continue reading

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Janet Bloomfield: ‘Where feminism went wrong? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe with that whole men suck and let’s tell young women a giant pack of lies strategy? Just a thought.’

Another gem from JB:

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Patrick Hayes: ‘The Feminists Trolling the Trolls’

Another fine piece from Spiked:

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Ellamay Russell: ‘Feminists – what a bunch of twerks!’

Two more good pieces on feminism and feminists have been published by Spiked in recent days, the second will follow shortly. The first, by a lady student of literature at Sussex University, contains the following line, which has quite made our … Continue reading

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