Female sex offenders

Anyone relying on the mainstream media for an understanding of sexual offences would surely conclude they’re overwhelmingly a male-on-female phenomenon, and that where women are involved, it’s as accomplices of evil men. As usual with gender-related matters, the mainstream media are not to be relied upon. The scale of sexual offences carried out by women is enormous, and it’s known over half of all convicted rapists were abused when they were children by one or more women (usually their mothers). The mainstream media’s and justice system’s disinterest in the scale on which women commit sexual offences continues to damage vast numbers of both men and women, decade after decade.

A very good source of material on the subject of female sex offenders is the American website http://female-offenders.com. It’s worth exploring in detail – the resources available are highly impressive, to say the least – but if you’re pressed for time and have only a few minutes to spare, we recommend you read this: