Feminist shaming tactics

A gem of a video uploaded 18.1.14 by the legendary Canadian Honey Badger (a female anti-feminist), Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat). Enjoy:


It’s good to see her solid examination of feminists’ shaming tactics. Feminists are incapable of engaging in rational debate, because all their assertions and theories are demonstrably flawed. Their assertions on ‘red button’ issues such as rape and domestic violence have been exposed as lies for decades. So they have little option but to resort to shaming tactics of one kind or another.

In her trademark forensic style, Karen points out that if we truly lived in a culture where misogyny is the norm – as claimed ad nauseam by high-profile gender feminists such as Caroline Criado-Perez – then charges of misogyny wouldn’t carry the power they do. The fact they DO carry power demolishes the feminist ‘society hates women’ narrative.

Karen also covers issues surrounding ‘rape culture’ including threats on Twitter, and violence against women.

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