Honey Badgers – the video

As regular visitors will know, ‘Honey Badgers’ is a North American term for non-feminist and anti-feminist women, and it’s become a term applied to these estimable woman across the world. They include:

Erin Pizzey http://erinpizzey.com

GirlWritesWhat http://www.youtube.com/user/girlwriteswhat

Janet Bloomfield http://judgybitch.com

Diana Davison: http://www.canadiancock.org/

Zara Faris http://zarafaris.com

Quiet Riot Girl http://quietgirlriot.wordpress.com

Aimee Nicholls http://youtube.com/user/AimeeCNicholls

Callakenney http://callakenney.wordpress.com/

AzureBlue http://pathologicallyunpc.wordpress.com

Female Fed Up With Feminism http://femalefedupwithfeminism.wordpress.com

Emma the Emo http://emmatheemo.wordpress.com

Darling Doll http://darlingdoll82.wordpress.com/

… and many more.

Two days ago I was explaining about Honey Badgers to a young, beautiful, intelligent relative of the female persuasion, when she laughed and asked if I wanted to see a YouTube video of the animals. I said I would, and here it is. It’s been viewed by over 65 million people, more people than live in the UK. I haven’t checked our stats recently, but I believe that might be more people than have ever watched a J4MB video. Enjoy:


I sent the link to a man who runs an influential MHR website, and he replied that this particular video was the original inspiration for terming non-feminist and anti-feminist women ‘Honey Badgers’.