Honey Badger Radio: ‘Rape as Political Currency’

‘Honey Badger’ is a North American term for anti-feminist women. AVfM’s introduction to their latest ‘Honey Badger Radio’ programme:

Feminists own the word rape.

They own it, it’s their property. And so are rape victims.

Their property, to dispose of as they see fit. To use in whatever manner they deem most advantageous for feminism.

They will deny the existence of those victims they find inconvenient to their political narrative or minimize the extent of their victimization. They will even go so far as to strip those inconvenient victims of their legal protections.

And what do they do to feminist-approved victims? They keep them in a cultivated state of dependency and non-agency so they can use their pain as a bludgeon.

Feminists own the word rape. And if you were raped, they own you.

The programme:


It’s a lengthy piece, almost two hours long, but well worth listening to in full, if you can spare the time. If you can’t, the introduction by GirlWritesWhat is well worth catching (it ends at 12:54).

The Honey Badgers in the discussion are GirlWritesWhat, TyphonBlue and Della Burton, and all are deeply impressive, as usual. There’s an interesting pre-recorded contribution from John the Other in the second half of the programme.

Feminists use rape of women as a political weapon, and steadfastly deny the equal incidence – and seriousness – of women’s sexual assaults of men (and women). Feminists are rape apologists for female perpetrators of sexual assault. It’s one of the worst examples of the double standards used relentlessly by feminists.


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