Janet Bloomfield: ‘Where feminism went wrong? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe with that whole men suck and let’s tell young women a giant pack of lies strategy? Just a thought.’

Another gem from JB:


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Patrick Hayes: ‘The Feminists Trolling the Trolls’

Another fine piece from Spiked:


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Ellamay Russell: ‘Feminists – what a bunch of twerks!’

Two more good pieces on feminism and feminists have been published by Spiked in recent days, the second will follow shortly. The first, by a lady student of literature at Sussex University, contains the following line, which has quite made our week at the J4MB headquarters:

As a 20-year-old female, I can safely say that feminism comes across to my generation as a heap of bullshit.

The article:


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Honey Badger Radio: ‘Rape as Political Currency’

‘Honey Badger’ is a North American term for anti-feminist women. AVfM’s introduction to their latest ‘Honey Badger Radio’ programme:

Feminists own the word rape.

They own it, it’s their property. And so are rape victims.

Their property, to dispose of as they see fit. To use in whatever manner they deem most advantageous for feminism.

They will deny the existence of those victims they find inconvenient to their political narrative or minimize the extent of their victimization. They will even go so far as to strip those inconvenient victims of their legal protections.

And what do they do to feminist-approved victims? They keep them in a cultivated state of dependency and non-agency so they can use their pain as a bludgeon.

Feminists own the word rape. And if you were raped, they own you.

The programme:


It’s a lengthy piece, almost two hours long, but well worth listening to in full, if you can spare the time. If you can’t, the introduction by GirlWritesWhat is well worth catching (it ends at 12:54).

The Honey Badgers in the discussion are GirlWritesWhat, TyphonBlue and Della Burton, and all are deeply impressive, as usual. There’s an interesting pre-recorded contribution from John the Other in the second half of the programme.

Feminists use rape of women as a political weapon, and steadfastly deny the equal incidence – and seriousness – of women’s sexual assaults of men (and women). Feminists are rape apologists for female perpetrators of sexual assault. It’s one of the worst examples of the double standards used relentlessly by feminists.

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Lucy Adams, outgoing head of HR at the BBC, ‘clarifies’ why something she told a House of Commons committee was untrue

This is quite a story:


Lucy Adams told MPs on the Public Accounts Committee that she didn’t know about an email concerning excessive payouts to departing BBC executives. From the BBC piece:

Ms Adams’ clarification was made before claims about her role in the payments issue were revealed yesterday by the former BBC director general Mark Thompson.

In a letter to MPs investigating the excessive pay-offs to senior executives, Mr Thompson accused the BBC Trust, which represents licence fee payers’ interests, of misleading parliament.

He said that statements by the trust’s chairman were inaccurate, information was kept from the National Audit Office and Ms Adams misled MPs over her involvement.

An attachment challenged Ms Adams’ original claim that she did not know of an email explaining the pay-offs, and appeared to show that she helped to compose it.

Ms Adams’s ‘clarification’:

She has since told the Public Accounts Committee that she did know about the email but did not recognise it from the way it was described at the hearing.

Now it’s possible Ms Adams is telling the truth, but it begs a question. Has any woman in a senior position in British business, politics, or other field, ever publicly admitted to having made a mistake, or an error of judgement? I can’t think of one offhand.

I’ve lost count of the number of instances where women who’ve been demonstrably incompetent have retained their positions – particularly in the public sector – when men in the same situation would certainly have been fired.

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Missing Anya

A very moving tale about an American man’s heroic efforts to maintain contact with his beloved daughter after his relationship with his partner broke down:


I find it impossible to read such stories without speculating that the justice system’s abuse of fathers and their children must account for a high number of men committing suicide every year. We know that almost ten times more men than women commit suicide after long-term relationship breakdowns. Denial of access to children is surely a key driver of that statistic.

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Health Secretary demands ‘urgent clarification’ of decision not to prosecute doctors who agreed to perform illegal abortions because of the babies’ sex

Of all possible grounds on which an abortion might be carried out, one of the worst is surely gender, which remains illegal in the UK. But abortions are being carried out in the UK on the grounds of gender, so surely the prosecution of doctors who authorise such abortions must be in the public interest? It would seem not. In modern-day Britain a foetus has no value, and is afforded no protection by the state:


From the article:

It is illegal for a pregnancy to be terminated on the basis of the baby’s gender, and the CPS concluded there was sufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution. But it said that the cases should be dealt with by the General Medical Council – which has no criminal powers – because it ‘would not be in the public interest’ to prosecute the doctors.

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